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Our multi-colored, organic mini potatoes are exquisitely small and cook in half the time of full size potatoes. They're extra high in natural sugars with a creamy, delicate flesh. You can pan sauté the tiniest ones whole, while the slightly larger ones should be cut in half. Sizing and availability are always consistent and, because they are petite, cooking is fast and easy. These baby spuds are grown specifically for us in Bakersfield, California year-round. Washed once, but we recommend rinsing again before using.

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Size: 24 OZ
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United States of America
Urban Roots
Urban Roots was created by people who love vegetables, for people who love vegetables. It also was created for people who seek out high quality farm freshness no matter their knife skills, how little time they have, or how few tools they have in their kitchen. Our products are prepped in HAACP... Learn more about Urban Roots
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Organic Confetti "Pee-Wee" Creamers

24 OZ
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