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Once the new winter crop of Ail Rose (pink garlic) of northern France is sufficiently dried out, usually by July, the bulbs are braided (tails left on) and hung in smoking houses. A fragrant blend of peat, local straw, corn husks and sawdust composes the smoking medium. The heat from the fire completes the drying process letting the smoke permeate the cloves thin layer of pink skin. This smoking process has a twofold effect it extends shelf life and imbues the cloves with an intensely smoky flavor and aroma. Smoked garlic is great in traditional French garlic soup, mashed potatoes, ratatouille, pasta salads and in any dish calling for roasted garlic.

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Size: 20 X 1 LB
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French Smoked Garlic

20 X 1 LB
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