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These early Asian pears from Subarashii Kudamono in Pennsylvania are the first local variety to arrive. They are semi-sweet with a mild, clear flavor and exceedingly crisp, juicy texture. They are the classic autumnal Asian pears with a russetted yellow skin and round shape. Each pear is hand-picked, hand-sorted and individually packed in protective "socks" to ensure the delicate fruits arrive in peak condition. When refrigerated, they stay fresh for about a month. Asian Pears are usually peeled to highlight their fine, crystalline texture and light, clean sweetness. Serve sliced very thinly in salads or for dessert drizzled with sweet wine. They can also be poached, baked or sauteed.

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Size: 21 CT
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United States of America local

Subarashii Kudamono, is a gourmet grower of Asian Pears in Eastern Pennsylvania, a little over an hour West of Manhattan.  They specialize in their own patented varieties of Asian Pears which they have been hand-cultivating over the last 30 years. In fact several of their varieties are only... Learn more about Subarashii Kudamono

Asian Pear Salad


On a bed of Mann Packing Arcadian Harvest Mix, which includes lolla rosa, red and green leaf and oak lettuces, mix in thinly sliced Easter Egg radishes and Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pears, stringless snap peas, grilled local Long Island bi-color or white corn, and Sanguinetti Red Walnuts. Whisk together Zoe olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon, a touch of greek yogurt, salt, and pepper to dress.

Subarashii Asian Pears

Subarashii Kudamono
21 CT
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