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  • Market Summary
    October 18, 2017

    Colder night temps in our area mean the local season is starting to wind down. Heartier greens should last a couple more weeks and tomatoes from Latham and Eckerton Farm will continue throughout the month, but most crops have already moved south and west.  We will have local storage root vegetable through winter. California row crops like carrots, cauliflower and lettuces are still high due to August’s heat wave, but local organic carrots from Norwich and Lancaster Farms are great options. We have about two weeks left on Romanesco and white cauliflower from Pedersen Farms and gorgeous baby lettuces and winter  chicories are just starting in a big way from County Line’s Petaluma and Thermal Farms in California.   

Market Update


  • Fruit | The first heirlooms apples from Scott Farm in Vermont have started with much better aesthetics than than in the past. Strawberries might show slight quality issues this week. Raspberries are lower with good supplies and blackberries are higher with excellent quality. This is last delivery of Pell Farms Connecticut strawberries and raspberries. Fresh Yuzu and whole Kaffir limes are in. California figs will be mostly Brown Turkeys from now through Christmas, but a few Black Missions are in this weekend. Newly arrived feijoa, also known as “pineapple guava”, taste like both tropical fruits combined.

  • Vegetables | Baby beet supplies are finally improving and we have better availability on T&A Artisan and Gem lettuces.  New crop mushrooms include Italian white truffles, Black Trumpets from Europe, Cauliflower, Chanterelles, Hedgehogs, and Matsutake mushrooms from the PNW, and Porcini from South Africa. Baby squashes are back in good supply. Local gold bar squash is done and now moving to Holland where pricing will rise. NZ Oka tubers are back. NY State beans are ending early with higher pricing but there’s better availability on Mann Packing’ s stringlesss Tenderbite beans. Avocados are starting to climb again. 

  • Organics | All organic berries are limited; we have few in with higher pricing. New broccoletti is a good sub for limited organic broccolini this week. West coast carrots are gapping until Coachella fields start up next month. However, local, storage organic carrots from Norwich, Lancaster, and Hepworth Farms will last all winter. Organic greens, romaine hearts and cauliflower continue to be tight with quality only fair. Excellent, extra fancy, 18 ct. pomegranates have just arrived. Organic endive is back in stock. County Line Farms in Petaluma, CA is in full swing with their boutique baby salad greens including Italian Winter mesclun mix, red frill mustards and baby Tatsoi. The organic cucumber market is dropping. 

  • Unique + Foraged | Bulk Pomegranate seeds are now available, packed 6x 2 lbs. Golden Pea Shoots and Popcorn Shoots from Fresh Origins are tight this week but new varieties of tiny veggies are in. Beautiful, jumbo, AA chestnuts are newly arrived from Italy, in time for the holiday season. European sunchokes continue.  More tubular in shape than the domestic variety, they are also easier to peel. Pontano Farms in NJ has lemon verbena, tricolor sage and we have Gilbertie’s organic micro rainbow mix in this week. New specialty apples from Champlain Orchards in Vermont include Shamrocks, Cox Orange Pippins and Melrose varieties. Ghost and Scorpion peppers are here from Eckerton Hill Farms. 

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Some great Fall row crops start coming in 

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A few items doing great in the market right now 

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The heat out West from the Summer is taking its toll 

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