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  • Market Summary
    August 16, 2017

    These next couple weeks are peak local season in the Northeast with local eggplant, melons, tomatoes and peppers coming from several area farms at once.  Picked, packed and shipped the same day, it doesn’t get any fresher than this. The abundant rain in New Jersey is causing supply and quality issue on green and yellow squash and crate arugula. The many local squash varieties from Hepworth Farms in the Hudson Valley are good squash alternatives. Try Gilbertie’s organic arugula, Satur Farms wild arugula or B&W baby arugula as subs for crate arugula.

Market Update


  • Fruit | New crop, domestic apples are already starting. Look for Hudson Valley McIntosh apples and Galas, Granny Smiths, Ginger Golds, and McIntosh from California. New Bartlett pears, paper-wrapped Golden Bosc Pears and jumbo, 40 ct. Red Star Crimson pears are in from Washington. Early, short-season prune plums are also in from the Hudson Valley. California grapes are going strong. Black seedless grapes have never been better than they are right now and ultra-petite Yellow Sweetie Thompsons are still around.  Newer exotic grape varieties include elongated Sweet Sapphires from Anthony’s Vineyards and Moon Drop, Green Gum Drop and Cotton Candies from the Grapery. The Grapery’s fruits arrive late August and last well into September. Local yellow peaches and nectarines are in from both Scholl Orchards in Pennsylvania and Frailinger Orchards in New Jersey. Organic and conventional Turlock melons and pluots abound this week.  

  • Vegetables | Wild Pacific Northwest Matsutake are here in limited amounts. Very good quality European Black Trumpet mushrooms and Sasketchewan Chanterelles from Canada have also just arrived.  We have very good supplies of Guatemalan English peas but their French beans are starting to climb. All size artichokes are in at very good pricing. Cilantro doesn’t fare well in the heat so crop is tight and prices are on their way up. Standard and large green asparagus and white asparagus are all plentiful and well-priced. Recent rains have pushed the price on local hard shell and summer squash higher as availability is limited with some quality issues. Plenty baby squash available from Baja.  Single shipment of salsify from Belgium arrived, enough to tide us over until new crop starts in September. Chinese garlic is still a good value but on its way up. Fresno peppers are up this week as Sriracha sauce-making gets underway.

  • Organics | Organic broccoli will remain high for 2 more weeks. Persian cucumbers and organic green peppers are plentiful and excellent quality. Though most organic avocados are limited we have good supplies on 60 counts. Organic 6 oz. blueberry packages from Michigan are great quality and plentiful.  Excellent volume-fill organic apricots from Washington are still available. We have a new, organic mixed heirloom melon box from Norwich Meadows, all personal-sized. Remembrance Farms organic and biodynamic mixed baby greens are back in stock. We have organic, non-GMO bicolor corn from Norwich Meadow Farms in New York and from Lancaster Farm Fresh in Pennsylvania. Organic rosemary, chervil, garlic chives are in from our local partners. Organic endive from California has just arrived.

  • Unique + Foraged | Amazing new porcini mushrooms were found sprouting near the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It’s a limited event to be sure, so order before the weekend is out. Fabulous fresh huckleberries are out of the Pacific Northwest. From Lancaster Farms in Pennsylvania we have Japanese Black Trifele and Indigo Rose heirloom tomatoes. New varieties of Andy’s Orchards unique, delicate stone fruits are in this week and they’re worth every penny. New Jersey melons are different from years past. Their August musk melon now has the aroma and soft, melting texture and juiciness of a very ripe Crenshaw or cantaloupe.  Organic tri colored sage (green/yellow/white spotted leaves) and mini lemongrass in clamshells are here from Gilbertie’s in Connecticut. Wild Pacific Northwest plums continue.

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