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  • Fruit | Our local strawberry selection this week includes Hudson Valley open quart berries (available for 2 weeks only!) plus Pell Farms Connecticut strawberries. Adriatic Figs have started, prized by fig aficionado for their intensely flavored red pulp and light yellow skin. Ours are organic, grown by Knoll Family Farms in California. Steady supplies of Cotton Candy, Sapphire, Moon Drop and Champagne grapes are in from Mexico this week, moving to California next. Florida juicing oranges are finishing but California Valencias, available both organically and conventionally, are in full swing. Organic Crimson Heart Pluots from Murray’s Family Farms are spectacular – dark red inside, full of juice and sugars.

  • Vegetables | Great quality Baby Bok Choy, chervil and cilantro are here from Satur Farms on L.I., though we might see gapping next week due to torrential rainfalls. Satur spinach is gapping and Satur frisee will be out until the weekend.  Gorgeous Holland Gold Bar Squash is ripe for the picking and local Gold Bar has just arrived.  Baby Beets tops are still lousy but expected to improve in 2 more weeks. Expect some quality issue on pint California Brussels Sprouts this week but if you core them, they’ll be fine.  The most beautiful organic bunch radishes we’ve seen in long time are in from Hepworth Farms, NY. and we have perfect organic English Peas from Lancaster Farms in PA. Green Beans are climbing and expected to go higher as tropical storms start moving up the southeastern states later this week. 

  • Organics |  Great deals to be had right now on organic romaine hearts and kales. Plenty organic stone fruits from California are here including apricot, peaches, plums and nectarines. We’re looking forward to the arrival of new crop organic Granny Smith apples from Argentina and organic Gala and Pink Lady apples from New Zealand by the weekend.  Organic Yams are in a 2 week gap right now as we wait for the new harvest to start in July.  We have good supplies on organic grape, cherry and heirloom tomatoes, all California-grown. 

  • Unique + Foraged | Fresh Garbanzo Beans, packed 5#s, are in from Coke Farms in California; also their candy-sweet Sungold and Mixed Cherry tomatoes – not to be missed! We have Organic Garlic Scapes from Gilbertie’s Farm in Connecticut - use them for a different and delicious pesto sauce. One more shipment on Fiddlehead Ferns and that’s it for the season. Though ramp shoots are finished we still have Ramp Bulbs which are excellent sliced and sautéed. 

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Variety of local vegatables in great supply

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Domestic and European mushrooms at a great value this week 

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Strong weather patterns in different areas of the country affecting certain crops

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