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  • Weather Update
    February 22, 2017

    Rains in Central and Southern California continue to wreak havoc on head lettuces, frisee, baby vegetables, celery, broccoli rabe and most citrus.  We’re doing everything in our power to keep these items in stock, but the situation is largely out of our control.  Anticipate limited availability until fields dry out and planting schedules get back on track. But, it’s not all bad! Ramps should start out of Michigan over the next couple of weeks and the season’s first Harry’s Berries will be in house within ten days (fingers crossed).  

Market Update


  • Apples | Storage apples from Washington State are winding down, but supplies remain steady. Locally, we’re continuing to see good quality on Ruby Frost, Macs and Galas.

  • Asparagus | AA white asparagus from Holland is in house and domestic green asparagus from Bakersfield is just getting started.  Expect good supplies and beautiful quality with slightly higher prices (that are completely worth it).

  • Avocados | The Mexican avocado market is still extremely limited.  Expect prices to remain high.  As an alternative, we recommend avocados from Bernard Ranch in Riverside, CA or the new Sharwil avocados from Hawaii. 

  • BerriesStrawberries, Conventional: Poor weather has delayed the strawberry crops in Oxnard, CA. All berries are from Florida again this week and inventory will be tight. Strawberries, Organic:  As supplies increase, the price for organic strawberries is fallen. Blueberries:  Mexican product continues to be the best deal for both conventional and organic blueberries.  Supplies will be plentiful with new arrivals incoming every day. Blackberries: Quality is still good and prices are dropping as supplies loosen up. Harry’s Berries: Due to rains in California, our first shipment was delayed again this week.  We’re staying optimistic and expect an arrival within the next 10 days.

  • Citrus | Bad weather is making lemons, limes, navels and all specialty citrus out of California extremely limited.  Expect tight availability and higher prices across the board.  Large sized grapefruits will be tight as well

  • Leafy Greens | The escarole, chicory, kale and mustard greens out of Texas are beautiful this week.  Expect spinach availability to be a little tight due to quality issues. 

  • Lettuces | We will have limited supplies of red and green leaf, Romaine and Iceberg this week.  In some happier news, we’re excited to introduce a new East Coast lettuce grower--our first shipment of arugula, spring mix and red/green leaf lettuce from Little Leaf Farms in Massachusetts arrived this week. Red watercress from B&W is back in stock.

  • Mushrooms | Gorgeous morels from China are still going this week.  We’re also seeing the first Orchard morels out of California.  Moroccan chanterelles are dry and medium-sized and availability is good. Black Trumpets, Hedgehogs and Yellowfoots are winter quality, but continue to be in steady supply.  South African porcini are gapping.

  • Peppers | Domestic red and yellow field peppers are a best buy this week with good quality and competitive prices.  Heatless habaneros and Shishito peppers are back in stock from Ark Foods.

  • Stone Fruit | Greengage plums from New Zealand are beginning to wind down. Expect supplies to continue for another two weeks maximum.

  • Tomatoes | We’re seeing beautiful, vine-ripened product out of Florida for beefs, heirloom, plums and round slicing tomatoes.  Cherry tomatoes are the only variety that continues to be in tight supply.

What's New

Global treats to brighten the winter gloom, plus a few local lettuce surprises!

Best Buys

Guatemalan crops coming on heavy.

Limited Supply

West Coat Lettuce still presenting challenge;  be sure to check out our many other salad options.

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